Monday, 10 June 2013


I couldn't help myself, i love Supernatural too much :D This is my tribute to Season 7's intro splat screen!

Products used:

Lime Crime
Uniliner in Quill
Uniliner in Lunar Sea
Eyeshadow Helper

Eyeshadow in Tako

Makeup Geek
Eyeshadow in Corrupt

I think i might keep going with this as a series and do all of the intros, what do you guys think? 
If you have any other ideas i'd love to hear them! :)
Hope you like it!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Makeup Geek Loose Pigments review

Recently, i received a package from Makeup Geek :) I opened it up to find 10 gorgeous new Pigments and a lovely letter from the company. I was too excited and had to swatch them straight away :)

The following is a completely non biased review. I do not represent any companies, therefore any opinions are completely my own. I am not paid to review products. 

The pigments are packaged in cute little boxes with an inspirational message beside the company name 

(As Makeup Geeks, we stay true to who we are. Cosmetics are not used to change ourselves, but to enhance the exquisite and unique people that we are. To be a Makeup Geek means to be a reflection or our inner beauty..)

There's a circle cut out in the back so you can see a glimpse of the pigment's colour and name, along with other information such as where the pigments are made (USA) and their weight (1.4g/0.05oz)

Remove the pigment from the packaging and you'll find the pigment stored in a clear glass container with a sleek black lid; the company name printed clearly on the lid.

Just a cautionary note: We all know pigments can get seriously super duper messy, so be careful when opening these babies because they don't have a sifter in them and the product tends to get caught in the lid falling out and creating a nice glittery mess to clean up :p 

i'm still finding glitter on my laptop screen lol

The above pigment is Utopia and hgnldaghadvv it's one of the most gorgeous looking pigments i've ever seen, i couldn't stop looking at it when i swatched it haha

On to the swatches!! I tested them twice, once with primer and then with nothing underneath. Seriously, primer is a life saver and everyone should have it in their kit because pigments really don't have that much grip, especially anything with glitter in them. The primer i used to swatch was Lime Crime's Candy Eyeshadow Helper. You'll notice i put a blue star on the swatches that were done using primer underneath. 
These were taken in natural light.

I found that with Paparazzi, Prince Charming and a few of the lighter shades i had to really pack it on to get the proper coverage, but apart from that the pigments were a dream to use, they are gorgeous and i really can't wait to wear them properly! My favourite is Utopia so far, that will be the first one i test out :D Oh and i completely forgot to try them out wet, but that's another option if you prefer!

I also appreciate how lovely Makeup Geek is as a company, they really do care about their customers, providing top notch products, with everything i've tried so far from their range of makeup, i've not been disappointed. It's exciting to see what the future holds for this company!

The pigments are sold on their website for $6.99/1.4g -2g. In comparison to other pigments i've tried, for example Sugarpill (4g for $12), to purchase these in bulk would come out the smallest bit more expensive, however these are really decent pigments, well worth the money lovies. It's also hard to compare these pigments to ones from other companies in terms of how they look because they really are just a different breed of pigments (lol if that makes sense)

Check them out on their website

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

spacey wacey timey wimey

So i've been watching a little too much doctor who lately.. i got a little inspired. BUT i'm kicking myself that i didn't think to put a tardis in. Oh well it's space and nebulas and stuff :D

I created this look using the following:

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

  • Corrupt
  • White Lies
  • Neptune

Sugarpill Eyeshadow
  • Poison Plum

Lime Crime Eyeliners
  • Lunar Sea
  • 6th Element
hope you like it!! :D

makeup geek - gel liners and lipstick swatches

So not long ago, i received a package from makeup geek, asking if i'd like to review some products :)
Because i've been sick and busy with work and tired and lots of things, i just haven't been able to try them out. BUT today i was able to swatch them and tomorrow i'll be trying some out for work.

So these are what the gel liners look like (images are from their website, the light was terrible on my shots):








and the lipsticks:




and these are what the swatches looked like on my arm, i tested them both with and without eyeshadow underneath:

Just from the swatches, the gel liners are very pigmented, although be careful when applying over eyeshadow, the liner started blending in with the shadow if i went over it too many times. best thing to do would be, apply 1 coat, let it dry and then keep applying. They dry pretty well, great for a smudge proof makeup!
They were easy to apply though! Obviously gel liners aren't meant for delicate detail but a decent lined lid these are perfect! poison is one i cannot wait to try out, as well as rave :D

As for the lipsticks, these would best be applied using powder between layers, to get the brightest and most pigmented look from them. I'm hoping to try these out soon, i don't have lip pencils at the moment, and not the biggest lips, so i can't wear them yet. But from the swatches they look fantastic! :)

As soon as i do a look with these i'll post it and update you with wearability!

Retail price:
Gel Liners: $7.99 each
Lipsticks: $7.99 each

They are affordable and the postage was really quick considering i live in Australia! Makeup Geek is definitely a company i would trust to provide decent makeup with a lovely reputation! :)


i actually had this look planned out for the last year and a half, i totally forgot i wanted to do it until i saw something cookie monster related on the net. some blue lipstick and 1 cookie later i came up with this lol

it was heaps of fun to do and if you're wondering, the lipstick is called No She Didn't from Lime Crime. also.. the cookie was delicious :D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner!! So celebrate in style ;)

I'm in love with how this turned out! I've never really braved doing a beauty look in green before because of how hard it is to pull off without it looking gross and sickly but for St. Patrick's day it's perfect :P

Here's a list of the products i used:

Lime Crime:

  • Eyeshadows in Mischief Managed and Lotus Noir
  • Eyeliners in Quill, Citreuse, Lunar Sea and Rhyme
  • Zodiac Glitter in Scorpio
  • The fabulous new formula Eyeshadow Helper
Makeup Geek:
  • Eyeshadows in Envy, White Lies and Appletini

  • Master Precise Eyeliner

  • Goldilux eyeshadow

Ben Nye:
  • Essential Eyeshadow Palette

Storm from Marvel's X-Men

So i thought i'd try and do an X-Men series starting off with Storm. Whenever i think of her, i instantly just picture the lightning and rolling clouds and her crazy white eyes, so i put it all together :)

Initially i wanted the clouds to look a little darker but the sun was starting to go down and i was running out of time to get the shot :p But i still really like how it came out and this is just an interpretation :)