Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Okay so i went a little extreme with this one.. But when i think of seventies i instantly think of Glam Rock, think David Bowie or Marc Bolan. So after getting my hair dyed a really terrible red colour (hairdresser didn't bleach it like she was supposed to so the dye went a funny colour on top of my natural hair colour.. anyway it basically came out Ziggy Stardust..) i thought that was the perfect time to do my 70's look!

Haha i told you the hair was bad. Anyway.. this era was fun to do because there really weren't any rules.. All i had to do was channel my inner glam rock and go for it! I even gave myself Bowie eyes..


ahh the era of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick, i would have to say the 60's is my favorite era, i love everything about it. If they were looking for volunteers to test time machines, i'd be the first to sign up for the 60's :D

The cut crease, really thick liner, prominant eyelashes, nude lips, beauty spot, freckles, everything was just gorgeous! Definitely had fun with this one.


So i went a little in the Marilyn Monroe direction with my makeup..

But i love the soft cut crease and huge lashes, and the really ticked eyebrows! Such a beautiful era.


Then came the forties!!

This was the era where women were able to start doing more. They wanted to be seen as more independant and able to fend for themselves. They started wearing what was considered men's attire and the makeup transformed.

Darker colours were used (browns) and the angry snare lip was introduced. The ticked eyebrow was beginning to take shape (at its prime in the 50's) and thicker eyeliner was also used.


Next up is the thirties!

I was so excited to do this one i spent hours trying new techniques, colours, methods.. that i ran out of daylight and ended up taking a shitty photo under my bathroom light which made my skin look a sickly yellow when in reality it was quite pale haha. But i still think it came out kinda cool and i learnt to do my makeup earlier..

Because i have such dark eyebrows i also found it really difficult to cover them up to do the thin 30's eyebrows so i had to try and alter mine, hence one of them being a funny shape haha.

But it was so much fun to do and i dressed up for it and didn't want to take any of it off (i was in my own little world..)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


At the end of last year i decided to go through all the different makeup era's of the past (cliché i know..) starting with the twenties and working my way through. History fascinates me and I love knowing how makeup originated, what its been through.. how it was used, what the trends were years before i was even born. We were taught all the different era's in my course, but to be honest, most of what we were shown looked like guess work or just the standard stereotypes. I decided to do it the way i believe it looked or my tweeked version of it. 

Starting with the twenties. (don't judge it harshly i'm not the best makeup artist in the world..) :p

I wanted to show off the bigger brows that they wore during that decade as well as sporting the Cupi-bow lip that was so popular. I used softer colours around the eyes to accentuate them and make them appear larger and in a way, sad. I didn't have much in the way of costumes.. so i just threw on whatever i could find :p 
Here's a black/white version :)

 Hope you like it! Next up is the thirties..

back pains.

This was the last assessment i had in the part time course i studied. We were told we had 3 hours and could do absolutely anything (glamour, ageing, etc) and pfft of course i was going to choose gore :D

I used a lot of blood, latex, and i think there's some KY jelly in there too.. but it was so much fun to create and it makes me miss doing spfx (at the moment i'm just not set up for it)
But when i finally find an apartment and i get settled i will be doing all kinds of makeup again :) I love doing character theme makeup, anything that makes me feel like i'm in a different world, so expect to see more of that in the near future! :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

mrralphie found blogger!!

Well hello there!!

So i decided it was probably time to join the world of blogger.. with what looks like a really dodgy layout one that i need to tweek A LOT.. but anywho.. it's a start.

My name is Rachel Clarke and i'm a 20 year old aspiring Makeup Artist. I play around with makeup in my spare time and hope that you lovely people of the internet will embrace it with open arms! Maybe one day it will become my future career..

I just recently moved from Australia to Canada in hopes of finding a different career path and maybe gain some more experience. Before that i was working at Subway for far too long.. just to save my pennies.. (or 5 cent pieces.. however you want to look at it)

On this blog you will find, well.. my wacky creations!! Over the next few days i'll be uploading everything i've done so far which are featured on my other makeup related pages. So enjoy, and any feedback you have to give would be wonderful :)