Monday, 9 April 2012

mrralphie found blogger!!

Well hello there!!

So i decided it was probably time to join the world of blogger.. with what looks like a really dodgy layout one that i need to tweek A LOT.. but anywho.. it's a start.

My name is Rachel Clarke and i'm a 20 year old aspiring Makeup Artist. I play around with makeup in my spare time and hope that you lovely people of the internet will embrace it with open arms! Maybe one day it will become my future career..

I just recently moved from Australia to Canada in hopes of finding a different career path and maybe gain some more experience. Before that i was working at Subway for far too long.. just to save my pennies.. (or 5 cent pieces.. however you want to look at it)

On this blog you will find, well.. my wacky creations!! Over the next few days i'll be uploading everything i've done so far which are featured on my other makeup related pages. So enjoy, and any feedback you have to give would be wonderful :)

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