Tuesday, 10 April 2012


At the end of last year i decided to go through all the different makeup era's of the past (cliché i know..) starting with the twenties and working my way through. History fascinates me and I love knowing how makeup originated, what its been through.. how it was used, what the trends were years before i was even born. We were taught all the different era's in my course, but to be honest, most of what we were shown looked like guess work or just the standard stereotypes. I decided to do it the way i believe it looked or my tweeked version of it. 

Starting with the twenties. (don't judge it harshly i'm not the best makeup artist in the world..) :p

I wanted to show off the bigger brows that they wore during that decade as well as sporting the Cupi-bow lip that was so popular. I used softer colours around the eyes to accentuate them and make them appear larger and in a way, sad. I didn't have much in the way of costumes.. so i just threw on whatever i could find :p 
Here's a black/white version :)

 Hope you like it! Next up is the thirties..

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