Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Seaside Rendezvous.

Okay so i was sitting in front of my mirror thinking about what shade of colour i wanted to use in my next look and i really couldn't decide so i was like use ALL the shades! :D

So for this look i used the following products:
  • Lime Crime's Fantasy Palette D'Antoinette (Mercurious and Ribbonesque)
  • Lime Crime's Fantasy Chinadoll Palette (Parasol)
  • Lime Crime's loose eyeshadows (Shoe Addict, Empress and Twilight)
  • Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Primer

  • Sugarpill's Burning Hearts Palette (Poison Plum)
  • Sugarpill's loose eyeshadows (Royal Sugar)

  • Maybelline Eyestudio liner
  • Rimmer mascara
I hope you guys like it! 
More looks will be coming soon.. :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Palette D'Antoinette

Again i was sent another package by Lime Crime and this time it was their new Palette D'Antoinette!! 

I was so excited to use it because i don't usually use pastels when doing makeup, mainly because i never really owned any and just used the makeup i had. But after using this i'll definitely be using this more frequently, it was just gorgeous to wear! I used 3 colours from the palette so i still have 2 left to try out.

Oh yeah my eyeliner is running out at the moment haha it's very frustrating.

Falling in line's not really my style.

For this look I thought i would try out more of my Chinadoll Palette so i chose red to work with. I don't know where this crazy look came from haha i just started and this was the end result! I also used a bit of Goldilux from Sugarpill to make the eyes pop that much more. It was a very fun look to do and very messy when i took it off hahaha.



I was contacted by Lime Crime makeup a few days before i was due to fly over to Los Angeles, they wanted to send me a package of makeup to try! I was so excited because i'd always wanted to try their makeup! Only problem was that i didn't have a permanent address at the time. I told them my problem and suggested that perhaps i could pick it up when i was passing through Los Angeles. Well this soon turned into lunch!! I got to meet up with Doe Deere and Cassie Wanda and it was so lovely to meet them both!! (i stupidly got lost on my way there so i was late but it was still fantastic to meet with them).
So the package i received included 6 lipsticks, 3 lip glosses, 10 loose eyeshadows, Eye Primer, and the Chinadoll Palette. I honestly couldn't believe i was given so much makeup!!

So i'm slowly working my way through testing all of the colours and various types of makeup. This look was created using the Chinadoll Palette. I love it, such a pigmented colourful palette!! So a massive thank you to Lime Crime for allowing me to try out your makeup i really appreciate it!!

A day at the beach.

Aww this was the last look i did before my liquid eyeliner decided to burst on the plane on the way to Vancouver and i haven't been able to find it since. It really was amazing eyeliner haha the one i'm using now just doesn't compare. Anyways, i felt chirpy that day and wanted to do something bright and fun!

Golden Illusion.

I love trying to play around with illusion, think outside the box and figure out what i can come up with that's just different! So i had fun with this look i really went for something different. I had no idea if it would work but it came out really well!


Nice shooting sweetheart!

I had just been to see The Hunger Games after having reread the books for the 54078456 time so i was in a huge THG mood hahaha so naturally i had to do a THG look! I chose Katniss to base my makeup on because it's fun playing with fire ;)



I think i was in a really massive comic book kinda mood the day i did this makeup, i saw these 2 colours in my palette and had to do something with them. I also wanted to the look to have a drawn kinda feel to it (like the eyeliner) so i went to town drawing haha.



Okay so my massive obsession with Harry Potter strikes again.. 
I had just purchased new makeup from Sugarpill cosmetics and had to try it out. The first thing i thought of when i saw the green was Slytherin so i just had to do it!


golden temptress.

I had just purchased these amazing lashes from Sugarpill Makeup and was busting to try them out. Because the lashes are so huge and crazy, i didn't want the eye makeup too look too busy, so i went for the simple black and gold smokey eye. 

I wish i had gotten a better photo, i was still new to my camera and just couldn't get the focus right, but it emphasized on the lashes which was great!

romantic array

This was the actual makeup i wore on Valentines Day, i had a plan in my head as to what i wanted and as usual it turned out completely different, but i still love it!!


Thursday, 10 May 2012

lovely smoke.

This was an entry for a Valentine's Day competition hosted by Makeupbee and sponsered by Velour Lashes. My entry came in second place in the top 10, however Velour Lashes were to then pick their 3 favourites from these 10 and mine was not chosen. But i was thankful i even got in the top 10!! I used Sugarpill Eyeshadows.



I was feeling in a very neutral mood when i did this makeup for work, but i still wanted it to stand out. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, with a bit of yellow in the crease. Used mainly Sugarpill eyeshadows for this.


royal blue.

Another look i wore to work, simple but it really suited my eyeshape! This was using Royal Sugar from Sugarpill and the gold was from some crummy old palette i have.


hearts on fire

I got a little bored one day.. hahaha.

I used mainly Sugarpill Eyeshadows for this look. I was trying to dabble in illusion.


Hahaha this was for a bit of fun, i LOVE Harry Potter, and i've always been fascinated by the way the Dark Mark was portrayed in the movies so much so that i had to try and recreate it :D
There's a little bit of photoshop (to remove the background, my nose and make my sockets look darker) but the rest was all makeup.

This is a picture of the original makeup:


So this particular look was an entry for a competition hosted by Makeupbee and sponsored by Lime Crime. The theme was 'Chinadoll' and the winner would take home the Chinadoll palette. This was the entry i submitted, however the competition was taken down after a couple of days. I still really enjoyed thinking outside of the square and trying to come up with something different. It was fantastic practice!

sugar isn't always sweet.

So i needed to do some makeup for work, my new eyeshadows from Sugarpill had arrived that morning and it was Black Friday ;) This was hilarious to wear to work i think i scared so many customers :D also because i didn't have black lipstick i improvised with lip gloss and black eyeshadow!

Not the best photo..



This is makeup i wore to work one day. It was actually red eyeshadow and for some reason it just turned pink when i applied it lol eyeshadow logic. But my customers liked it and i thought it was fun to wear!

cool, calm and dangerous..

This was the makeup i wore on Christmas Day. In Australia we have Christmas in Summer, ugh, i don't like it because it's hot and sticky and gross (although it makes for a great pool day). So i wanted to channel what i've only ever experienced once, a winter Christmas!

I loved it, i never wanted to take it off hahaha.