Saturday, 22 September 2012

before and after.

So i'm not the first to admit that makeup can drastically change your natural appearance and i'm certainly not the first to get picked on for wearing it. I've had people tell me that i must be trying to hide who i am, that if you wear makeup then you are fake and 'slutty' and that's certainly not the reason why i wear it.

For a long time i couldn't walk out the door without wearing makeup. I couldn't let anyone see my natural face for fear i would be judged, not for being plain or ugly, but just judged in general.
Whenever i went out with makeup on, my confidence went up big time and i felt normal and more in control.

But in the last year i've stepped out of my makeup shell and realised.. who cares if people judge the way i look. It's my face and if there's something about it you feel the need to judge then you need to get off your high horse and realise nobody is perfect, we all have flaws and imperfections. If you can learn to love your own imperfections then confidence will come naturally.

So here is a before and after shot. Whether i'm wearing makeup or not it's my face and i'll wear it with pride!

How do you feel when wearing makeup compared to being bare faced? 


  1. I have felt the same way. When I wear makeup, I instantly feel better and put together. I will go out without makeup, but I always feel naked when I do!

  2. I had a long period in my life when I loved makeup but didn't dare to use it because people always told me I looked better barefaced so I know exactly what you mean. Now makeup is a way I can be myself because I am a very creative person and makeup is my kind of creativity. :)

  3. i've always felt better with makeup on, it's meant to enhance and beautify. i couldn't care less what other folks say about it