Wednesday, 13 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner!! So celebrate in style ;)

I'm in love with how this turned out! I've never really braved doing a beauty look in green before because of how hard it is to pull off without it looking gross and sickly but for St. Patrick's day it's perfect :P

Here's a list of the products i used:

Lime Crime:

  • Eyeshadows in Mischief Managed and Lotus Noir
  • Eyeliners in Quill, Citreuse, Lunar Sea and Rhyme
  • Zodiac Glitter in Scorpio
  • The fabulous new formula Eyeshadow Helper
Makeup Geek:
  • Eyeshadows in Envy, White Lies and Appletini

  • Master Precise Eyeliner

  • Goldilux eyeshadow

Ben Nye:
  • Essential Eyeshadow Palette

Storm from Marvel's X-Men

So i thought i'd try and do an X-Men series starting off with Storm. Whenever i think of her, i instantly just picture the lightning and rolling clouds and her crazy white eyes, so i put it all together :)

Initially i wanted the clouds to look a little darker but the sun was starting to go down and i was running out of time to get the shot :p But i still really like how it came out and this is just an interpretation :)

Valentine's Day

Love was in the air.. so why not wear something that suits the mood ;)

I have to admit i have THE SHAKIEST HAND EVER, so being able to successfully draw all the hearts without smudging or messing them up was an achievement in itself, i didn't even care if people hated the look i was just happy i finished it lol.

But i am proud of this one it came out beautifully :) and i'm aware my eyebrows need plucking lol just ignore that :p

Got a case of the Winter Blues?

I noticed everyone was starting to get sick of the freezing cold weather, so i decided not everything has to be gloomy :p

This was a really fun look to do, i love trying to see how far i can go with eyeliner and colours :)
You could also turn it from this into a Poison Ivy look.. or a snake :p

Why so serious?

So this was another test makeup.. I wanted to try using latex to build up the slices in the cheeks. I really like how that turned out, athough i wish i had matte paints to use, the ones i had were extremely greasy (greasepaint lol) so i used a lot of eyeshadow on top to try and cancel out the sheen. I wasn't too keen on the eyes, that was another practice and i think i went a little overboard as well as not being able to focus on it well with my camera. So it was a mess but i still like how it turned out :)

Alice in Horrorland and hello from Australia :)

So it's been a little while since i've posted my work on here, it got a little difficult to keep up with everything i post makeup on and work, then packing and moving. I made the decision to move back to my home country as Vancouver was getting a little too expensive for me, i couldn't save any money, i was getting paid so little and my boyfriend was moving back to Ireland, so i thought the time was right.

But it's lovely being back home and seeing everyone again. I'm working in my mum's cafe for now until i can find a job, and my main focus is saving up for a trip to South America for a few months with my boyfriend. But as i'm currently unemployed i have a bit more time on my hands to do more makeup looks :)

So i'm going to post everything i've done up until now so you can see what i've been up to in the last few months and i'll try my super hardest to keep posting on here! Thank you guys for sticking around i really appreciate it :)

So i wanted to do and Alice in Wonderland look, but i thought about it and decided.. What if Alice never left Wonderland and became a permanent fixture in there? Eventually i see her morphing into this unrecognizable lunatic that can't escape, (in this case spliced with the Cheshire Cat) but some part of her, the real Alice is still in there aching to be free..

This was a practice to see where i could go with this :) I'd love to do another look in the future, or even an Alice in Wonderland Makeup series.

I hope you like it! (my Mum stuck it on the wall of her Cafe lol.. oh Motherly love :p)