Wednesday, 15 May 2013

makeup geek - gel liners and lipstick swatches

So not long ago, i received a package from makeup geek, asking if i'd like to review some products :)
Because i've been sick and busy with work and tired and lots of things, i just haven't been able to try them out. BUT today i was able to swatch them and tomorrow i'll be trying some out for work.

So these are what the gel liners look like (images are from their website, the light was terrible on my shots):








and the lipsticks:




and these are what the swatches looked like on my arm, i tested them both with and without eyeshadow underneath:

Just from the swatches, the gel liners are very pigmented, although be careful when applying over eyeshadow, the liner started blending in with the shadow if i went over it too many times. best thing to do would be, apply 1 coat, let it dry and then keep applying. They dry pretty well, great for a smudge proof makeup!
They were easy to apply though! Obviously gel liners aren't meant for delicate detail but a decent lined lid these are perfect! poison is one i cannot wait to try out, as well as rave :D

As for the lipsticks, these would best be applied using powder between layers, to get the brightest and most pigmented look from them. I'm hoping to try these out soon, i don't have lip pencils at the moment, and not the biggest lips, so i can't wear them yet. But from the swatches they look fantastic! :)

As soon as i do a look with these i'll post it and update you with wearability!

Retail price:
Gel Liners: $7.99 each
Lipsticks: $7.99 each

They are affordable and the postage was really quick considering i live in Australia! Makeup Geek is definitely a company i would trust to provide decent makeup with a lovely reputation! :)

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