Monday, 3 June 2013

Makeup Geek Loose Pigments review

Recently, i received a package from Makeup Geek :) I opened it up to find 10 gorgeous new Pigments and a lovely letter from the company. I was too excited and had to swatch them straight away :)

The following is a completely non biased review. I do not represent any companies, therefore any opinions are completely my own. I am not paid to review products. 

The pigments are packaged in cute little boxes with an inspirational message beside the company name 

(As Makeup Geeks, we stay true to who we are. Cosmetics are not used to change ourselves, but to enhance the exquisite and unique people that we are. To be a Makeup Geek means to be a reflection or our inner beauty..)

There's a circle cut out in the back so you can see a glimpse of the pigment's colour and name, along with other information such as where the pigments are made (USA) and their weight (1.4g/0.05oz)

Remove the pigment from the packaging and you'll find the pigment stored in a clear glass container with a sleek black lid; the company name printed clearly on the lid.

Just a cautionary note: We all know pigments can get seriously super duper messy, so be careful when opening these babies because they don't have a sifter in them and the product tends to get caught in the lid falling out and creating a nice glittery mess to clean up :p 

i'm still finding glitter on my laptop screen lol

The above pigment is Utopia and hgnldaghadvv it's one of the most gorgeous looking pigments i've ever seen, i couldn't stop looking at it when i swatched it haha

On to the swatches!! I tested them twice, once with primer and then with nothing underneath. Seriously, primer is a life saver and everyone should have it in their kit because pigments really don't have that much grip, especially anything with glitter in them. The primer i used to swatch was Lime Crime's Candy Eyeshadow Helper. You'll notice i put a blue star on the swatches that were done using primer underneath. 
These were taken in natural light.

I found that with Paparazzi, Prince Charming and a few of the lighter shades i had to really pack it on to get the proper coverage, but apart from that the pigments were a dream to use, they are gorgeous and i really can't wait to wear them properly! My favourite is Utopia so far, that will be the first one i test out :D Oh and i completely forgot to try them out wet, but that's another option if you prefer!

I also appreciate how lovely Makeup Geek is as a company, they really do care about their customers, providing top notch products, with everything i've tried so far from their range of makeup, i've not been disappointed. It's exciting to see what the future holds for this company!

The pigments are sold on their website for $6.99/1.4g -2g. In comparison to other pigments i've tried, for example Sugarpill (4g for $12), to purchase these in bulk would come out the smallest bit more expensive, however these are really decent pigments, well worth the money lovies. It's also hard to compare these pigments to ones from other companies in terms of how they look because they really are just a different breed of pigments (lol if that makes sense)

Check them out on their website


  1. Wow these pigments look amazing!!!

  2. Wow.. they all look so gorgeous!!!
    Especially, enchanted and Utopia.:)

  3. Utopia and Imsomnia are great :D

    Barbarella maquill-Arte

  4. i'm excited to see what wonders you're going to do with those!

  5. I got these from MUG too and I adore them. Especially Liquid Gold, it's my favourite gold eyeshadow these days! I totally agree with your review, great pigments :D