About Me

My name is Rachel! But in the makeup world i go by mrralphie! :D

I've always been an extremely creative person, drawing, painting, writing, so when it came time to choose my future career, Architecture just didn't seem to fit. I randomly decided to take a Cinemagraphic course wanting to find a career in the special effects industry (still do).

Coming from a really small town in Australia it was difficult to purchase all of the necessary materials to practice my special effects, so instead i started practicing more of the fashion/glamour side of makeup.

Even in the last 4 months i've noticed improvement so much so that i can't stop practicing, i love it! For me, wearing makeup isn't something i do to make me look pretty, it allows me to express my creativity, and gives me more confidence knowing that i'm in control of the way i want to look. A lot of the looks i do, i would wear in public without hesitation because i know i'm not trying to impress people, i'm doing it for myself :) (Honestly i've worn some of these looks to work lol)

 I'm 20 years of age (turning 21 in July) originally hailing from the land down under, Australia, however i recently moved to Vancouver, Canada by myself to further my experience in the makeup industry. I absolutely love travelling it is one of my passions and if i don't suceed with my makeup career, tourism is something i would look at working in.

Oh and my interests? I love music, film, art, the outdoors, history, culture and i'm vegetarian (gradually making the switch to vegan) :) 

So i really hope you enjoy my blog, i love posting my work for all to see and honestly if you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know i'd love to hear them!! <3


  1. I think you should post videos. I WOULD LOVE to see how you get that perfect blending.

  2. youre great! love the blog